Joop Huner

Passion, creativity and love for the profession

Versatile in the field of ‘Green’ in the broadest sense of the word. A surprising agency for communication & creativity in green

Photography of flowers, plants and nature

Design of catalogs, brochures and flyers

Garden advice

November 2020

“Photographic impressions of the autumn month of November in Appeltern”

Photo Gallery

> Under construction, ready early December <

Passionate about the beauty of flowers, plants and nature.

My photo library contains many images of, among other things, spring and summer flowering bulbs, tropical plants and nature shots. This photo gallery gives a first impression of my photo work. On request I provide photography of garden plants, tropical plants, flower bulbs and nature. High resolution images are available upon request.

Several of my photos can be seen on the Instagram account: Joop Huner

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